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ESTIEM is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political student organizations that connects European students that combine technological understanding with management skills.


“Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the world's creativity. Without entrepreneurs and scientists, we wouldn't have many of the amazing new technologies that we enjoy today--and these entrepreneurs could not have done it without education,” said Wojcicki. “Education is at the foundation of progress. At WOJ, we are pleased to collaborate with GVC and support entrepreneurs.”

Bayer Strategic Consulting

The CASE|System™ to empower scientists to get their voices heard - from Congress to corporate board rooms.

Guyer Group

Today, companies of all sizes are challenged with achieving differentiation in a crowded and noisy market. Guyer Group helps companies stand out from the crowd by providing executive-level communications counsel and programs.

When Science Speaks

When Science Speaks is a weekly podcast that explores science communication, science policy, and career issues affecting grad students, PhDs, and Postdocs in engineering and the sciences.


Prosperia Social is a social enterprise revolutionizing the design, targeting and management of social policies, by leveraging data science, AI and interactive decision support towards positive social impact at a large scale.


Knowing the pace and breadth of innovation is increasing, we enable our clients to change with the times with a sense of confidence. We help you see many possibilities, mindful of lessons learned.




Global Venture Catalyst (GVC) is a new initiative focused on creating connections and empowering teams to pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities augmented with AI-powered matching.

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