Yardi Shoes, Interchangeable Shoe Soles created by Team Gen-Z

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Zander Sheffield, Industrial Technology Student @Cal Poly SLO

Yardi Shoes, Interchangeable Shoe Soles created by Team Gen-Z

Team Yardi aims to help fashionable individuals achieve a variety of shoe styles depending on their mood or activity they are doing. The team did this by doing a design sprint for a shoe with interchangeable soles. The soles and uppers will interchange using neodymium magnets.

The design sprint consisted of finding more about Yardi's purpose, target market, and then finding more about that target market through a survey. The most challenging part about the project was the time frame. Team Yardi had 48 hours to design survey questions, send out the survey to as many people as possible, then process those results. Since the team was varied in geographic location and influence, they were able to overcome this challenge by sending the survey to a variety of people, getting over 500 responses.

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