Scaling and Optimizing the Business Model at LastBasic

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Steve Woolsens, COO at Last Basic

Scaling and Optimizing the Business Model at LastBasic

The team was supposed to think of a way to determine the “quality” of experts on a platform that brings them together with inventors who want to realize their ideas. Processes like these were done manually, prohibiting scalability. Therefore, the automation played a critical role.
The focus at first was a technical one however by time and further conversations and brainstorming with their mentor Steven and his team, the project shifted towards a combination of working on the business model and providing technical diagrams to create implementable and automatable solutions for their problem. BPMN (business process modelling and notation) was used for the models.
Eventually, the team had redefined a lot of the (future-) business model and were able to provide many technical diagrams to enable the automation of processes that were done manually.

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