Predicts Buildings Structure, an AI Project with Deep Excavation LLC

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Dimitrios Konstantakos, CEO of Deep Excavation LLC

Predicts Buildings Structure, an AI Project with Deep Excavation LLC

The team decided to address a critical pain point for stakeholders in urban infrastructure decision-making. The cost of projects can rise in the billions of USD because the decisions for "alignment selection" lacks predictability at the early stage. They focused on providing a proof of concept on a small subset of the overall solution to predict the structural elements of an individual building floor.
They quickly realised how manually laborious this task was going to be, covering four co-dependencies. (1) To locating existing publicly available data and code (in their limitations), (2) to adapting (to these limitations) by leveraging digital tools and specialist knowledge, (3) while assembling, and writing code to mimic outputs of manual effort or desired output (supervised machine learning), (4) and then to validate and graphically present.
The killer application remained consistent whereas the "pathway" reformulated relative to pivots and refinement (i.e. how we solve the problem), in order to ensure alignment of the aforementioned co-dependencies and high precision so, to acquire a strong, reliable foundation for further work. To everyone's delight, success was met in delivering the proof-of-concept for a scalable ground-breaking tool capable of predicting structural systems of existing buildings.

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