Personal Carbon Tracker, a CleanTech Project

Industry Partner

Vanessa Wu, BCG consultant and an extern at NextEra Energy

Personal Carbon Tracker, a CleanTech Project

Over the past few months, we have seen companies like MSFT, AMZN, and Ikea commit to reducing their carbon footprint. Motivated by the success of FitBit, this project proposes to create a carbon footprint tracker for individuals and incorporate the concept of gamification to increase visibility and individual accountability, with the ultimate goal of reducing carbon footprint in daily activities.

The team analyzed the data that they collected after the 1st weekend to understand the feasible first step. The team focused on adapting a user-friendly interface to achieve educational purpose in order to cultivate environmental-friendly habits for their users. Their business challenges lied in being first to market and a disruptor in the clean tech space, and time is only enough the get the idea started. The opportunity was once in a lifetime and we look forward to the next cohort.

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