Fundraising Strategy for EdTech ventures with LearnLaunch Accelerator

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Tetyana Astashkina, Founder at LearnLaunch Accelerator

Fundraising Strategy for EdTech ventures with LearnLaunch Accelerator

LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading EdTech startup program and network in the US that has impacted 5 million learners worldwide. Our team’s 5 students were assigned a project to develop a fundraising strategy to engage individual investors to raise up to 1.5m dollars. After a weekend of thorough research, brainstorming, and networking, the team developed the funders’ personas and developed a strategy which included events, marketing campaigns, implementation of technologies e.g CRM, formation of targeted partnerships, and expansion of the team.
However, after presenting this strategy to their mentor, they learned from mentor Tetyana that the strategy could not possibly be implemented due to time and budget constraints. The team was sent back on the drawing board. With 2 days remaining each member of the team juggled between school, work, and the project to develop a totally new strategy. Using guidance from GVC instructors & mentor and surveys & interviews with angel investors, the team developed a new strategy, which focussed on database creation of potential investors using web scraping tools, outreach and marketing campaigns, and a persona specific journey from contact to investment.

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