Automating Advanced Manufacturing Strategy at Elkem

Industry Partner

Chris York VP from Elkem (Metal Production)

Automating Advanced Manufacturing Strategy at Elkem

With the promising future of electric cars, battery production became the most concerned topic in 2021. Working with Elkem, the problem was to optimize and automate the inspection process in order to implement for crucibles. Those crucibles are needed to create graphite parts of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, which is a core part of the battery in itself. The team employed technologies like machine learning, Lean Six Sigma and some business optimization methods, and softwares like TIA Automation Portal, Abaqus and CATIA to design this system.
This optimization would mean a great advance for the EV industry and the ecological economy. By the end of 2 weeks, the team made sure that the Elkem engineering team could directly start the implementation process.

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