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My partner and several portfolio company Founders have participated in panels that he has hosted and moderated on EdTech at Boston area universities, including MIT and Harvard. Mike’s also piloted our portfolio company capabilities in his Masters' classes on innovation.

More recently, LearnLaunch and our portfolio company Beagle Learning participated in the Global Venture Catalyst (GVC) innovation design sprint. Beagle, founded by an MIT graduate, brought a very challenging problem to the sprint. GVC, using an AI matching algorithm, assigned an optimized team of university STEM students that are in its global community to support the sprint. The team delivered some breakthrough insights. Beagle immediately hired two of the team members with strong data science skills as long-term interns. 9 months later, both are still contributing to the company.

Beagle's Founder, Turner, highlighted: "The GVC program was a fantastic tool for finding talented interns. During the program, we met five students, and three have become long-term contributors to our team. They are some of the most dedicated interns we've had, and are helping us add three new features to our platform that otherwise would not have been completed for 6 months."

Likewise, LearnLaunch benefitted from the contributions of an interdisciplinary team from the GVC community, including a UC Berkeley Data Science student, that took on a very strategic investor marketing project for us.

If you’re a partner or talent recruiter in a VC fund or accelerator and are looking to hire world-class talent in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning or computer science, GVC’s network, across world class institutions including Boston University, Berkeley, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Rutgers, UCLA, U Michigan, U Texas Austin and Stanford in the US, McGill, U Toronto and Waterloo in Canada, is unmatched.

Tetyana Astashkina

General Partner

Learn Launch Accelerator & Co-Founder

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