SCET to use Innovation Engineering framework for Spring 2020 5G Course

On October 12, SCET partnered with Global System for Mobile Communication, or GSMA, on a collaborative workshop on What’s Next for Data, AI for Telecom and 5G in preparation for a spring 2020 SCET course on innovating 5G and artificial intelligence.

The workshop enabled a solid understanding of objectives and collaboration for spring 2020 course “Innovating 5G/AI with GSMA” (190E 001/290 004). Students will learn the problems and opportunities directly from experts in leading telecommunication companies and implement the concepts within the course. Additionally, Ikhlaq Sidhu’s Innovation Engineering framework will be taught and practiced throughout the semester. 

“It’s thrilling to collaborate with the telecom industry on a course that integrates UC Berkeley student innovation, enthusiasm and breakthrough thinking with 5G expertise and insights from top global telecom executives. It will truly be a unique experience for students and industry alike,” said Victoria Howell, associate instructor and director, executive programs at SCET.

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