Managing the Mental Toll During an Epic Market Inflection Point

By Mike Grandinetti, Board Member and Instructor for the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge

Being an entrepreneur is an act of both courage and craziness during the best of times. Failure rates of startups are upwards of 90%. In the wake of a historical inflection point, such as the dot com implosion of April 2000, the great recession of 2008-2009 and now, the global COVID-pandemic, challenges increase by orders of magnitude. When the tectonic plates shift, as they have once per decade since Y2K, all bets are off. Many startups and established businesses struggle to remain relevant as their pre-shift value propositions are rendered irrelevant. If they were fortunate enough to have raised sufficient capital, they may have the opportunity to “stay the course or to pivot”, depending on how significant the shift is for their target market. For those that haven’t, the end is often in sight.

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