Innovation Engineering Workshop Paves the Way for Future Creation

Think of the process of innovation as learning to ride a bike. People can give you instruction, tell you how to balance and pedal your feet, but you won’t actually learn how to ride the bike until you get on and try it yourself.

One problem with the modern education system is that students rarely get the chance to “ride the bike” in the classroom. They are presented with facts, equations, theories, and rules that have already been shown to be true. Thus, students are taught to regurgitate the information they are given rather than arriving at a conclusion themselves.

Imagine I gave you an apple, and told you to drop it repeatedly over and over until you came up with the laws of physics… That would take a while. So instead I just tell you F=MA. This is what we do in classrooms all the time. But here’s the thing… although you now know the information, you never went through the process of figuring it out. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Director & Chief Scientist @ SCET

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