Innovation Engineering Projects: Connecting the Berkeley Students with Industry Innovation

Welcome to 2020. Advanced warning. You will hear a lot more about Innovation Engineering Projects this year. Since last summer, we have been testing a Framework that we developed to guide teams to successfully and consistently execute a highly effective form of advanced projects. We expect students, application-oriented faculty, technologists, and industry leaders to benefit by applying the Framework to their projects. 

The Framework combines over 15 years of experience of projects at UC Berkeley. It helps to guide teams to execute while learning, be mindful of the story that they are telling, and to have an innovative mindset along with a constructive set of behaviors. Initial results show that our Innovation Framework is poised to become the most realistic and practical novel way to implement innovation projects in the world today.

We have seen significant improvement in productivity by adopting the Framework. We used the Berkeley Innovation Index, our method to help people self assess their innovative capabilities and related psychology to access the results.

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