A Day In The Life Of An Early-Stage Startup CMO

Startup culture requires an incredibly specific and unique personality -- one that carries a large appetite for juggling multiple roles with the ability to thrive in a volatile environment, while remaining relentlessly focused on the company’s vision and mission. Shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley provide a look into the emotional roller coaster that comes with life at a startup.

To take on the role of CMO at a startup is to take on even greater responsibilities. This position demands a keen ability to liaise between the company and the marketplace. As CMO of a venture capital-backed tech startup, I manage a group of ambitious, high-achieving tech marketing professionals while effectively delivering the company’s go-to market message.

Over the course of my extensive career, I have been fortunate to serve as CMO of eight successful startups. Given this extensive track record, I have learned a thing or two along the way about ensuring startup success in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment.

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