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MVP / Design / Data Sprint

On-demand advanced development in 1-2 week sprints with highly-vetted talents from top universities.

Length: 2 Weeks

For: Tech Executives, Innovation Officers, Strategy & Thought Leaders, Product Managers, Entrepreneurs


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What We're Offering

  • Build an MVP /or activate an innovation project

  • Bootstrap a prototype within 2 weeks 

  • Team up with highly-skilled, top technical students

  • Recruit highly skilled Gen-Z students and fill diversity slates


Our Talent

With an amazing network of top institutions and companies from around the world, Global Venture Catalyst offers new models to catalyze innovation in your organization. We partner with high-quality, diverse talent from top universities around the world to tackle challenging problems and drive fresh insights.

Meet some of our GVC student ambassadors to learn about their stories and experiences.

If you are a university student interested in participating in one of our programs, register here.

Hear From Past Talent

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What students say:

“It was mainly great because it addressed the goal I am pursuing to learn about ML, NN and AI etc. I got to experience some of the practical side and validated (and maybe even empowered) my personal ideas for related ventures and met someone who basically raised a relevant business from minimal $ investment.”

Meet The Community