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Q: Can I join with existing team members?

A: Yes, up to 2 can be a duo and your team will grow with 2 or more new members.

Q: What if I want to take my project forward, do I need to do it with all team members?

A: Just like in real life, any subset of team members can take a project forward. A successful project will require each of the team members to be essential. In practice, effort and execution are more important than the original idea.

Q: What if my end goal is to work in an existing company?

A: The experience differentiates your resume as an action- and result-driven individual and creates a unique experience in your career path to give you a competitive edge. Working on a new venture is a good way to learn about new emerging problems and meet new industry contacts. Sometimes companies also “acqui-hire” people in a group from a new venture as a way to hire the best people in new areas. Many teams will also have the opportunity to meet company sponsors and corporate mentors.

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