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In this episode, Ihklaq Sidhu, PhD and Mike Grandinetti share information about “Global Venture Catalyst”, a new hands-on, entrepreneurial education initiative they’re launching to provide 500 engineers, technical students, and business school students around the world a transformative experience to work in diverse teams to develop new height-impact projects.



I’ve spent the last 25+ years working at this extraordinary point of convergence as a Professor, faculty member & mentor at some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, in addition to my simultaneous roles as a serial tech entrepreneur, innovation consultant, hackathon leader, startup mentor and board member. The changes that have occurred in the way in which innovation is taught, starting in 2007, has been profound. 2007 is an especially important year and inflection point for innovation based on two critical events. The launch of Apple’s iPhone democratized technology, while the sub-prime mortgage and banking financial crisis spiraled us into the “great recession.” ...




Global Venture Catalyst (GVC) is a new initiative focused on creating connections and empowering teams to pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities augmented with AI-powered matching.

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