GVC for Corporates

GVC is for technology-focused undergraduates, MBA students, and experienced mentors to connect and pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities.

For Innovation-Driven Companies to Work with Top Global Talent

On-demand project placement. Results-driven, 2-4 Weeks-Long Sprints

Work and hire entrepreneurial teams of talent from global top universities.

Connect with Silicon Valley and learn what’s at stake from the Gen Z perspective.

Al-optimized Team Formation. Build effective worldwide network.

Teams ready to jump start in 365 and work remote

Build your in-house startup and/or accelerate ideas into execution.

We can work with you to define a specific challenge or set of challenges you'd like to address with rapid prototypes.

GVC Program Track 


Case Studies

Design Sprint

Develop / adapt products or experiences that users

will love  

Data / AI Sprint

Algorithm and code prototypes

Code Sprints

For MVPs, new features, and concept validation

Market / Tech Strategy Sprints

With MBA and Tech Students