Applied Data Strategy Sprint

Date: June 7th

Applied Data Strategy is 2 week project sprint program for learning Applied Data Science in a practical, holistic manner.  The program is designed for both technical and non-technical professionals. The program also allows professionals to exchange perspectives with top tech-focused students in data science, computer science and similar fields.

The programs includes, lectures and project guidance from world class industry-oriented faculty. By the end of the program, participants will learn data strategies, design a data application, get user feedback, and present a low tech demo ready for implementation.

Lead Instructor: Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu

Lead Mentor: Prof. Mike Grandinetti


For Students: with data science and computer science skills, this program is like a 2-week virtual internship.  It allows students to bring their technical skills to work on real world industry problems, seek opportunities, and build your industry resume.

Apply for a Scholarship or Virtual Internship. This program is highly-selective for top-tech focused students.

For Professionals: Learn new data science applications, data business models, data strategies, advanced tools, the most commonly used algorithms while designing a real life data-related application.

Professionals do not need background in CS, Data Science, or Statistics to get value from the program. 



Directors/VP, Product Managers, Engineering experts/leads, IT, CTO staff, Innovators


Tech Students

Data Science, Computer Science, Stats, EE and other majors with technical and math background for data science applications

What You'll Learn

The program may be used for technical up-skill, innovation culture training, part of the advanced development process for a CTO type of group, or as a substitute for a focus group to understand the value of a new data initiative.

Emerging Data Application

Data Business Models

Data Strategy Elements

Tools and Libraries Used in Data Science

Today’s AI Algorithms

How to Activate a Data AI Project

Data / UI Design Cycle 

Innovation Process and Culture

Event Price:

Professionals: $1500 USD (reimbursable as conference or course)

Students: Apply for Scholarship /Internship

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What students say:

“It was mainly great because it addressed the goal I am pursuing to learn about ML, NN and AI etc. I got to experience some of the practical side and validated (and maybe even empowered) my personal ideas for related ventures and met someone who basically raised a relevant business from minimal $ investment.”

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