GVC connects top technology-focused undergraduate students and global MBAs to team up with experienced mentors working at innovation-driven companies to pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities.

Find and work with your best team.

For Innovation-Driven Companies to Work with Top Global Talent

On-demand project placement. Results-driven 1-2 Week Sprints

Work and hire entrepreneurial teams of talent from global top universities.

Connect with Silicon Valley and learn what’s at stake from the Gen Z perspective.

Al-optimized Team Formation. Build effective worldwide network.

Teams ready to jump start in 365 and work remote

Build your in-house startup and/or accelerate ideas into execution.

We can work with you to define a specific challenge or set of challenges you'd like to address with rapid prototypes.


Global Venture Catalyst Program

Applications are Open for Mini Sprint

Brochure Challenge for Global Venture Catalyst

GVC Team

Developed and led by Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Director and Chief Scientist, UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, author of Innovation Engineering. In collaboration with:

  • Mike Grandinetti, Brown, Harvard & MIT 

  • Paris de l'Etraz, IE Business School



Work in global teams, based on AI -optimized matching, to build friendships, expand professional networks & future career opportunities. Experience what a startup feels like, prepare for upskilling programs or graduate education. No cost to current students. Accepted by merit only.